Yeoman Group is an environmental consulting firm that was created in 1996 in conjunction with the Michigan Bankers Association in order to provide lenders with environmental risk management services, allowing them to avoid the overhead of an in-house environmental staff. Yeoman Group combines all of the professionals needed to adequately address environmental questions, and we make this advice available on an as-needed, loan-by-loan basis. Yeoman Group also performs all environmental due diligence assessments, Phase II on-site geologic services, makes complete purchase or lending recommendations and, in our relationship with an environmental law firm, seamlessly and cost-effectively obtains answers to environmental and real estate law questions.

Yeoman Group’s professionals, engineers, scientists and lawyers, can quickly evaluate the environmental status of real property and offer solutions for property purchasers, as well as for lenders who may take the property as collateral for a loan.

While Yeoman Group’s history is deeply rooted in its relationships with commercial lenders, we have expanded our environmental service offering to commercial property developers and purchasers. Our goal is to protect all parties involved in commercial property transactions.


To become the environmental risk manager for all lenders in Michigan.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality environmental risk management for lenders who do not have that service in-house.


  • Excellent service at a reasonable fee.
  • Honesty and candor are essential.
  • The work environment must demonstrate mutual respect.
  • Always do what’s right for the customer.

Tracing back over 1,000 years to merry old England, the Yeoman has served his client faithfully and with excellence. Still today, to do a “Yeoman’s job” is one of the highest compliments that can be paid to an individual.