12 Mar 2013

Designing, Installing Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

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Yeoman Group designed and installed an active vapor mitigation system at a former manufacturing facility, where the soils beneath the concrete floor had become impacted with volatile organic compounds due to years of manufacturing related activities.

To protect the new occupants of the building from exposure of the volatile compounds that off-gas through the concrete, Yeoman Group constructed an active vapor mitigation system. The vapor mitigation system uses a small vacuum to induce negative pressure in the soils just beneath the bottom of the concrete floor, which removes the vapors before they reach any occupants of the building.

The mitigation system operates 24 hours a day, so it was designed to be economical, by using small amounts of electricity. The system also operates with an emergency siren that notifies employees if the system is not operating; including loss of vacuum as well as loss of power. Yeoman Group trained selected employees on operation and maintenance procedures.

It is our understanding that the system is still in operation.

One Response to Designing, Installing Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  1. Several of the vent borings were installed at depths that not only removed vapors from below the building but are actively aiding in the further remediation of the former fuel farm area.



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