Civil Engineering

With a highly experienced staff of professional engineers, surveyors, designers, and technicians, Yeoman Group offers complete engineering services that assist municipalities plan and service their communities with development, infrastructure, utilities, and transportation systems.

Yeoman has developed internal criteria in review, design, and studies; each with written procedures that aid in ensuring satisfaction of ordinances and standards. This schedule of procedures, checklists, and mentoring allows our team members to provide the highest level of engineering expertise to municipal clients and the public.

Municipal Services

  • Bicycle Paths and Sidewalks
  • Capital Improvement Planning (CIP)
  • Computerized Mapping
  • Consulting Engineering Services
  • County Drains Design
  • Drinking Water Revolving Fund
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Facility Utilization, Parking and Space Allocation
  • Government Regulatory Compliance
  • Grant Applications and Administration (CDBG, USDA)
  • Illicit Discharge Elimination
  • Inspection Services

Planning Services

  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Community Planning
  • Corridor Studies
  • Design-Build Services
  • Downtown/Economic Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Ordinance Development
  • Plan Reviews
  • Zoning and Land Use

Construction Services

  • Claim Negotiation
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Construction Staking and Layout
  • Construction Supervision and Inspection
  • Pre-Construction and Progress Meetings
  • Progress Pay Estimates
  • Project Close-Out Documents
  • Project Scheduling, Engineering, and Management
  • Record Drawings
  • Value Engineering

Surveying and Mapping Services

  • Aerial Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Boundary/Easement Surveys
  • Construction Control Layout
  • GIS Inventory
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Hazardous Waste Site Survey
  • Hydraulic Surveys
  • Property Research
  • Right of Way/Easement Acquisition
  • Survey Document Review

Land Development Services

  • Apartment and Condominium Complexes
  • Commercial Development
  • Ecological Design
  • Municipal and Public
  • Industrial Development
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • Residential Subdivisions